gurdjieff seminar

Gurdjieff Seminar. Photo by: Marco Borgreve

Gurdjieff’s Movements

Movements can be a help for self-observation and enhancing one’s level of awareness. Practising Movements can lead to a better understanding of body, mind and emotions. One has to experience the Movements in one’s own body. How then to describe Gurdjieff’s Movements, their ritual gestures, their precision and quietness? The bodies of the dancers are shaped in powerful geometrical abstractions that suspend any individuality and thus create a collectivity capable of generating energy of a high quality. At least 250 Movements have been preserved, mainly through the efforts of Mme. Jeanne de Salzmann, founder of the Institute Gurdjieff in Paris, and Mrs. Jessmin Howarth, a choreographer at the Paris Opera before she joined forces with Gurdjieff. Movements can be learned from teachers connected to authentic transmission lines.