Movements Classes in Berlin

What are Movements?

Movements are the non-verbal part of the teachings of Gurdjieff. In this discipline our body is confronted with strictly prescribed and precise movements and patterns that create new impressions of ourselves and our potential. In its vigorous beauty, and in symbiosis with the piano music, each Movement manifests itself, and invites us to a deeper understanding.

What is the purpose of a Movements class?
A Movements class is the foundation upon which a potential encounter with ourselves can take place, a confrontation with our own reality at that very moment. This can occur because the selected Movement – the creative product of a high intelligence – offers us the possibility, while assimilating into our body, to enter a normally inaccessible place in us. Here we can experience silence, instead of the usual noise, and clarity rather than chaos and a new form of understanding can come to us.

What are the conditions for an effective transmission of Movements in a class?
Movement teacher and pianist must have realized Gurdjieff’s teaching up to a certain degree in themselves (only those can take responsibility who once were pupils). A good piano should be available. Each participant should bring a degree of openness, flexibility and enough courage to learn a new discipline.


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