The Movements Foundation

Tibetan exercise

Tibetan exercise. Photo by: Amir Kaufmann

Welcome to the new website of the Movements Foundation, a relaunch of the combined earlier sites
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About the Movements Foundation

The Movements Foundation is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2002. Ever since our founding date, we have made an ongoing effort to realize the aims we defined at the start:

  • to make the practicing of Gurdjieff´s Movements in a historically relevant form accessible to every serious student
  • to give public demonstrations
  • to organize regular classes, weekends and longer retreats where the Gurdjieff Movements are taught by qualified teachers, i.e. qualified because of their knowledge, experience and capabilities
  • to devote ourselves to research into the exact form and musical accompaniment of Gurdjieff´s Movements, as well as to support this type of research done by others
  • to develop an archive consisting of historical choreographs, films and sheet music
  • to inform a wider audience about our activities by means of television and radio broadcasts, articles, newsletters and by an up-to-date website

Although we certainly do not wish to overestimate our importance, we can safely say that our contributions to this area of investigation have been substantial over the last decade.

About this website

Female Round Dance

Female Round Dance. Photo by: Amir Kaufmann

Under ´classes´, you will find the latest information about our teaching program. We would like to emphasize that although our teaching program focusses on Movements, we must say out of our own experience that it is impossible to pass on Movements outside the scope of Gurdjieff´s teaching as a whole. Under ´Movements´ and ´Music´, you will find articles explaining the background of these subjects. Further, you can enjoy photographs. Under ‘Videos’, you will find very special film shots of Movements or fragments of Movements that are not generally known in current ´Gurdjieff circles´. We intend to regularly change these videos, hoping that this will give all ´newcomers´ a more overall visual impression of this discipline. The films were only made by amateurs, though, so bear with us. Further, we´d like to add that a real impression of Movements can only be obtained by practicing them yourself.

All photographs, videos or audio recordings offered on this site were made during our actual classes, rehearsals or performances. Please do not copy or spread this material without our explicit consent or, in the case of the photographs, the consent of the copyright-holders. The contents of this website are not just a matter of what we ourselves put into it. We´d like to give ample space to all serious contributions, meaning that articles about real experiences or genuine research into Movements will be most welcome.


Female Round Dance

Female Round Dance. Photo by: Amir Kaufmann

We´d also like to highlight special events. Our first highlight will be on the upcoming publication,  of the award winning film ‘Gurdjieff´s Movementsmade by Amir Kaufman and the book ‘Gurdjieff´s Movements, light in the darkness of esoterism’ written by Wim van Dullemen, which will be published both in the Dutch and English language. These two products, DVD of the film and the book, cannot be obtained separately, only as a package. Production will be limited and if you wish to secure your package, please contact us. You can find our contact details under ‘contact’ at the right side of the bar above this article.


On September 23, 2013, the Movements Foundation participated in the 10th Konya International Mystic Music Festival
A presentation of Gurdjieff’s Movements on a festival of this magnitude is a unique event. An event which is important for the history of the Movements.
As it was such a significant event, we have dedicated an additional chapter to it.

Should you have any questions or comments about our Foundation or our activities, do not hesitate to contact us.

Movements Foundation, Berlin, February 2014