Teaching Program 2019

Photo by: Amir Kaufmann

Photo by: Amir Kaufmann

In Berlin: evening classes are held every fortnight. ( scroll down for more information 
in the German and English language). For further information please use the contact form, see above.

In Amsterdam:  2 Weekends: 6/7 April 2019 and 28/29 September 2019

In Moscow:       2 Weekends: 23/24 February and 7/8 September 2019
Information in the russian language: https://www.gurdjieff.moscow/christiana/index.html/

In Stuttgart:         3 weekends, 4/5 May, 14/15 September, 16/17 November

, these last 3 weekends are a new initiative of an independent ongoing study-group in Munich.




The material taught in the educational program was acquired during long years of study with direct pupils of Gurdjieff and represents an authentic and direct line of work.

Gurdjieff Women's Movements

Photo by: Amir Kaufmann



For more information  please contact us.